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Material: polyester, polyamide, polyethylene, metal eyelets

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  • Beltmaster-System


    With the Beltmaster system, you will achieve maximum training success in a brief time. Due to the constant resistance, the muscle build-up with the full-body training belt takes place as a “side effect.” to your standard training program. Put on the belt system for exercises in shadow boxing or sandbag training and feel the success in every one of your movements. Thanks to the quick-release fasteners, the 4 elastic straps can easily click into the metal eyelets provided, and off you go. Arm and leg muscles actively work against the resistance technology of the Beltmaster system. The wide lap belt with a strong hook and loop fastener, which also allows individual width adjustment, ensures a secure hold of the Beltmaster. The full-body training belt is suitable for athletes from a height of 160 cm.

    Other advantages:

    • increase in muscle growth
    • different settings possible
    • width adjustment with Velcro fasteners
    • simultaneous load on arms and legs
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