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Material: Plastic base; Metal spring / rod; polyurethane ball

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  • Punchball “Striker”


    The TOP TEN “Striker” is an excellent training device. With little effort and space requirements, the TOP TEN box ball offers you effective training options – at home or in the gym. The spring-loaded metal rod with solid PU-ball is located on the stable base made of high-quality plastic. For a non-slip and tip-proof stand, the base should be filled with water or sand. Due to the round base, the “Striker” can easily change its spatial position even when loaded. The punch ball can be individually adjusted to the athlete via the height adjustment. The oscillating spring gives the “striker” its dynamism and demands your full concentration with every single exercise. Train coordination, technique, and movements on the “Striker” punch ball from TOP TEN.

    Additional advantages:

    • stable base
    • high-quality PU punch ball
    • infinitely variable height adjustment
    • spring-loaded metal rod
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