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Material: cover: 100% polyurethane; padding: molded foam

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  • MMA sparring gloves “Contender”


    As an indispensable basis in your sporting development, sparring sessions are at the top of your training plan. The “Contender” sparring gloves from TOP TEN are 100% tailored to MMA in terms of shape and properties. You will again find the open finger guide in the robust imitation leather gloves, with the thumb being guided separately. The finger loops of the “Contender” are cut sufficiently large and still offer the best grip. The striking surface convinces with high-damping padding, which is ergonomically shaped for increased comfort. A highlight of the “Contender” sparring gloves is the lateral padding on the thumb and the outer edge of the hand. Recommendable: the double hook and loop fastener for extreme support and stability.

    Additional advantages:

    • double-guided hook and loop fastener
    • ergonomic padding
    • hand edge protection
    • precise finger guidance
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  • Chest guard “Jot Muay”



    Additional advantages:

    robust artificial leather cover

    dimensionally stable padding

    size adjustable

    ergonomic shape

    IFMA certified for U23


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  • Shin- and Instep Guard “Theep”


    Do not accept any compromises and use the “Theep” shin and instep guards from the TOP TEN IFMA collection in your Muay Thai training. Your protective equipment with a sophisticated safety concept ensures the best safety. On the surface of the shinbone and upper metatarsal, the cushioning padding is visible and noticeable. Due to the subdivision into small-area protective pads, the damping effect is excellent and can hardly be compared with any other product. As a firmly connected system, the “Theep” shin guard is simply put on using hook and loop fasteners and elastic foot straps. The back in the calf area was surprised with an additional protective layer. With their hard-wearing cover made of imitation leather, the “Theep” savers can keep up well in long-term training use.

    Additional advantages:

    • durable faux leather cover
    • 360° protection zone
    • high-quality padding
    • ergonomic shape
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  • Belly shield “Dao”


    With the “Dao” construction sign, TOP TEN shows its competence in what is probably the most challenging martial art in the world – Muay Thai. It would be best if you had a lot of body control to show your skills in this sport. The “Dao” belly shield is your first choice for safe training. Thanks to its superb shape, the protector protects the stomach, chest area, shoulders, and neck. With the wings pulled far back, “Dao” guarantees excellent protection even in the event of side hits. The protective padding fits perfectly on the wearer via the braces system with length adjustment. A clip closure makes it easy to put on and take off quickly. With its star print, “Dao” skillfully incorporates its name into the design and at the same time marks ideal hit points.

    Additional advantages:

    • durable faux leather cover
    • high-performance padding
    • adjustable carrier system
    • timeless design
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