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Material: 35 % polyester

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  • Taekwon-Do Dobok “Master” (1st – 3rd Dan)


    Remaining stock with limited quantity.

    This Taekwon-Do suit brings total wearing pleasure through its extraordinary Carrè fabric structure. The functional material ensures a particularly tear-resistant and durable Dobok while the optimal moisture management based on the box structure of the fabric. The Taekwon-Do Suit “Master” protects your body against chills in phases of rest, keeping it warm and efficient. In phases of absolute movement, sweat is effectively released to the outside even before it can condense on your skin. As befits a Taekwon-Do suit, the Dobok is classically worked in white and graduated with a black hem edge as a hallmark of your Dan level. Manus prints on the sleeves and trouser leg, as well as the ITF imprint on the jacket, give the Master Taekwondo suit a visual chic.

    Additional advantages:

    • jacket with hook and loop fastener
    • pants with elastic waistband
    • functional Carrè fabric
    • high wearing comfort
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