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  • T-Shirt “Niran” – yellow, size XS



    Additional advantages:

    comfortable cut

    warming cotton fibers

    large back print

    color selection


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  • Hand-Wrap, elastic boxing bandage – 5 cm x 250 cm, white


    TOP TEN 5 CM WIDE TOP TEN elastic hand wraps with velcro, made of polycotton blend material.>

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  • Shorts “Simple Stripe”


    TOP TEN TOP TEN boxing shorts, very comfortable with TOP TEN embossed.
    100% Polyamid made>

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  • Mouth guard “Peppermint” – Junior, transparent


    TOP TEN Mouthgard with mint flavour for Kids, box and manual.>

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  • Ankle guard – Senior, white


    TOP TEN Elastic bandage to support the ankle.>

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  • Sparring gloves “Hero”


    Something very special are the boxing gloves “Hero” by Top Ten. Not only do they attract attention with their extravagance, but they also convince with unique technical details. The paddingconsists of a handcrafted, multi-layered foam padding and is additionally reinforced in the outer hand area by a further 6 mm thick pad. Like a protector, your outer hand and wrist area will be stabilized and perfectly protected from side impacts. The double thumb strap provides close hand guidance, preventing painful injury to the thumb, e.g. by bending over. With the material mix of high-quality leather of the upper hand/face and functional synthetic leather in the palm area, the boxing gloves “Hero” leave nothing to be desired in terms of longevity and grip.

    Additional advantages:

    • Material mix of genuine and artificial leather
    • additional 6 mm thick pad on the outside hand
    • multilayer sandwich foam
    • handsewn
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  • Knee- and Ellbowguard “Bump”



    Additional advantages:

    3-part IMF foam pad

    skin-friendly cotton material

    easy to put on and take off

    non-slip fit thanks to an extra fixing strap


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  • Kicks “SuperLight PRISM”


    The TOP TEN “SuperLight PRISM” foot protection ensures the best kicks because not only do they inspire with their appearance, they also impress with a comprehensive safety package. This includes the dimensionally stable padding made of high-quality PPS foam, the elastic toe loops, the fastening tape, and the non-slip inner material. For the long service life of your foot protectors, the bumper edge is reinforced with tape. Putting on the “SuperLight PRISM” is child’s play thanks to the simple system using the elastic stripes. Skin-friendly anti-slip material is used inside the slightly shiny synthetic leather protectors in the unique PRISM design. With a large selection of colors, TOP TEN’s “SuperLight PRISM” foot protectors cause a color explosion on the mat.

    Other advantages:

    • high damping properties
    • stable foam padding
    • shiny leatherette cover
    • non-slip inner material
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  • Pointfighter “Glossy Block PRISM”


    TOP TEN,

    Other advantages:

    optimal shock absorption

    stable PPS foam


    large selection of colors


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  • T-Shirt, V-Neck for kickboxing “Prism”


    Really uncomplicated, the TOP TEN “Prism” kickboxing jacket. The shirt is a timeless companion of your sports career with its offset V-neck neckline and the contrasting woven ribbon. Like the colors, the graphic print has been evaporated into the light polyester fabric in an environmentally friendly manner and impresses its high brilliance and resistance. Thanks to the use of airy mesh strips in the arm and armpit area, the temperature management in the “Prism” remains balanced at all times. Extra flat seams and reinforced hem edges give the regular fit shirt an elegant drape, despite the smooth fabric. The first-class quality of the “Prism” kickboxing jacket supports you in performing your sport and guarantees unique comfort even at the limit of stress.

    Additional advantages:

    • extra soft V-neck neckline
    • stylish woven ribbon
    • environmentally friendly sublimation printing
    • perfect climate management
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  • Kickboxing pants “Prism”


    Brings together what belongs together. The long “Prism” kickboxing pants by TOP TEN combine comfortable casualness with the demands on functional sportswear. There is also an incomparable style with a graphic “Prism” print and a woven TOP TEN structure. The straight cut of the pants has an extra kick insert in the crotch so that the “Prism” can withstand extreme loads. The mesh inserts in the inner leg area and on the back waistband ensure great wearing comfort. A special dividing seam sets a visual accent and guarantees a comfortable fit on the leg without twisting or sliding up. The finishing touches for an athletic look are brought to the “Prism” kickboxing pants by the woven tape on the outer seam.

    Additional advantages:

    • elastic waistband
    • movement-friendly cut
    • extra kick insert
    • optimized air conditioning technology
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  • Kickboxing uniform “Big Star”


    TOP TEN,

    Additional advantages:

    • Shirt with mesh insert
    • lightweight functional fabric
    • easy care
    • color selection yellow/red/blue


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  • Jump Rope “My Jump”


    TOP TEN,

    • lightweight nylon handles with integrated bearings
    • fast rotation
    • ca. 275 cm long
    • can be trimmed to the optimal length
    • Weight approx. 125 g


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  • Kicks “SuperLight” for competition foot protector, foot gear


    Especially in the martial arts disciplines with a lot of footwork and kicking techniques, like in Taekwon-Do or Kickboxing, you should put a lot of emphasis on the protection of your feet. The most heavily loaded part of the musculoskeletal system is the foot, especially on the top of the metatarsus – the clamping area – unprotected. Top Ten’s “SuperLight” foot protectors are designed specifically for this area and combine with the latest medical and sports technologiesto bring more safety to martial arts. The sturdy synthetic leather case is filled with an already pre-formed PPS foam and offers the athlete excellent damping properties with high energy absorption. For a long shelf life, Top Ten’s bottom edge is reinforced with a black contrast stripe on all 6 color designs. The elastic closure band allows for an individual width adjustment and adapts perfectly to every foot shape.

    Additional advantages:

    • PPS foam
    • Synthetic leather with high-quality Top Ten Print
    • perfect cushioning
    • exchangeable closure tape
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  • Taekwon-Do belt “ITF”


    TOP TEN, Width 40 mm – 100% cotton made>

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  • Freestanding Bag – yellow, 75 cm


    Hayashi, A new free standing equipment, shaped like a heavy bag. The plastic bottom stand may be filled with water (approx. 115 kg) or sand (approx. 180 kg).>

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  • Karate belt


    Hayashi, Martial Arts HAYASHI belt plain.>

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  • Freestanding Bag “Junior”


    TOP TEN,

    Additional advantages:

    total height: 170 cm

    weight punching bag: 10 – 12 kg

    weight stand base: 25 – 27 kg

    100% made in EU

    suitable for inside and outside


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  • Universal Training Stick


    With the Universal Stick by TOP TEN, you are the perfect training partner for attack and defense exercises. The sturdy, foam-coated core is in a tear-resistant nylon sheath. With only 5 cm diameter, the stick is very good in the hand and can be fixed via an additional retaining loop. The distance feeling can be trained extremely effectively with the training stick. Thus, he represents a valuable alternative to a training with focus mitts. The wearer can go both in the attack and use the 60 cm long stick over rapid impact movements, or realistically adjust in the role of the defender various defensive situations. Therefore, the Universal Training Stick is also a popular tool in the field of self-defense.

    Other advantages:

    • light with just 155 g
    • made in Europe
    • robust core with foam sheath
    • improves reaction & precision
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  • Boxing gloves “Superfight 3000”


    TOP TEN, This high class boxing glove with its new design in all technical details is identical to the proven AIBA certified glove (# 2010), but is especially designed for use in kickboxing competitions, where it has been used worldwide for decades.>

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  • Head Guard “NEON Avantgarde” (WAKO approved) without chin and cheekbone protection


    Cheer up with the “Avantgarde” headgear from TOP TEN. Made of innovative Bayflex® material, it offers the best protection through its magnificent shock absorption properties. The forces are immediately absorbed by the air molecules inside and evenly distributed. Since the individual air bubbles are interchangeable, hit areas are refilled immediately. The outer shell is impermeable to air and thus ensures reliable protection with the “Avantgarde”. The forehead was additionally reinforced again and also the ear area is secured with a middle bar. With the flexible rear middle sectionand the strong hook and loop fastener, the TOP TEN head protection can be perfectly adapted to your head shape.

    Additional advantages:

    • innovative Bayflex® material
    • smoothly sealed outer skin
    • well thought-out ventilation system
    • hook and loop closure for customization
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  • Boxing Gloves “Economy R2M Line” – 10 oz, yellow


    TOP TEN, TOP TEN Basic Gloves 10 Oz with strap velcro closure. Made of durable Rexion artificial leather. Ideal for beginners.>

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  • Thaiboxing-Shorts “Skull”


    Remaining stock with limited quantity.

    With the Thaibox-Shorts “Skull” you pack an iconic highlight in your sports bag. The short trousers made of functional material makes no special demands. She only wants one thing: Together with you in the ring and on the mat. The smooth, slightly elastic fabric also scores points with its skin-friendly properties. Moisture can be quickly drained away from the body and the “Skull” dries quickly. Functional and stylish – these attributes speak for our sports pants “Skull”. The skull is set up as a high-quality embroidery in the front crotch and gives, together with the contrasting hem edges, the shorts a cheeky sporty look. The “Skull” Thaibox shorts always remain in place without slipping over the wide stretch waistband.

    Other advantages:

    • lateral slitting
    • resistant MP polyester
    • shaped leg contour
    • stretch waistband
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  • Karate belt “KAMPFKATZEN”


    TOP TEN, HAYASHI Budo belt for the German Kampfkatzen campaign, in 6 different colours.>

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