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Color: Green - White

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  • MMA Striking Gloves “Striking C-Type” – size S, red-white



    Additional advantages:

    gel padding on the outer hand

    reinforced finger edges

    anatomical shaping

    strong hook and loop fastener


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  • Sparring gloves “Ajarn”


    With the “Ajarn” leather sparring gloves from the TOP TEN IFMA collection, you evade your training partner’s attacks on the mat safely and elegantly. The gloves, specially designed for Muay Thai, have robust padding both on the outside and inside of the hand. Even kicks and knees can be intercepted directly. The “Ajarn” sparring gloves are slightly longer in their design, which means they reach further into the forearm area. You can feel this stability, especially when blocking attacks. For the best wearing comfort, the sparring gloves have a sweat-wicking inner lining and a unique hook and loop fastening system in addition to their cover with natural properties. The Thai boxing sparring gloves “Ajarn” design shows attitude and lets the spirit of your martial arts run free.

    Additional advantages:

    • fixed thumb
    • genuine leather cover
    • padded palm
    • extended shaft
    • guided hook and loop fastener
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  • Sparring gloves “Ajarn”


    By renouncing the use of animal raw materials, the “Ajarn” imitation leather sparring gloves are the entry into a resource-saving martial arts world. The properties of the high-quality PU synthetic leather are in no way inferior to the natural material. On the contrary, its robust cover makes the “Ajarn” perfect for frequent training use. Adapted to the needs of Muay Thai, the fist protectors have robust padding. You will not only find this on the outside of the hand. The palm area is also equipped with it so that you are guaranteed the best security when performing sparring drills with the “Ajarn.” TOP TEN guides the hook and loop fastener through a reinforced strap on the IFMA gloves for a secure fit. In addition to the outstanding design, the extended shaft of the imitation leather boxing gloves also catches the eye. With noticeably more stability, you not only use jab, hook, and cross precisely against your sparring partner in your Thai boxing training.

    Additional advantages:

    • durable PU cover
    • high-damping padding
    • Padded palm
    • temperature regulating
    • perfect fit
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  • Boxing Gloves “Fight”


    TOP TEN, This high class boxing glove with its new design in all technical details apart from the material of the palm is identical to the proven AIBA certified glove (# 2010), but is especially designed for use in kickboxing competitions, where it has been used worldwide for decades.>

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  • Pointfighter “Glossy Block”


    The Pointfighter “Glossy Block” is a further development of our Pointfighter classic and offers all martial arts athletes special protection in the wrist area. We have incorporated a 2 cm wide reinforcement ring made of compressed foam as a unique feature. This achieves an optimized impact absorption on the sensitive regions of the carpal joints. We have retained the tried-and-tested interior of the Pointfighter – with grip line and ASL anti-slip material– as important features. The flexible PPS foam padding ensures excellent energy absorption. A strong hook and loop fastener and an elastic band guarantee your “Glossy Block” Pointfighters a perfect fit.

    Additional advantages:

    • shiny optics
    • sewn-on, closed thumb
    • ergonomic shape
    • excellent damping properties
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  • Boxing Gloves “NK II”


    TOP TEN, TOP TEN gloves with strap velcro closure, made of 100% PU hi-tec artificial leather NubukII”. Ideal for beginners.”>

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  • Double end ball – red-black


    TOP TEN, TOP TEN Double-End Ball, genuine leather covered, with two elastic ropes at the ends and reinforced hooks. Steel loops. For speed and precision training on punch and kicks.>

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  • Speedball – red-black


    TOP TEN, TOP TEN SpeedBall genuine leather, balanced for a superfast action and modeled to obtain precise bounces. Made with top quality material and finishes to perform speed.>

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  • Boxing gloves “Pro X”


    TOP TEN,

    Additional advantages:

    real leather cover

    lacing system

    impact-absorbing foam core

    mesh inserts on the palm


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