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  • IFMA Competition Shorts “Prachao”


    Start your Muay Thai competition career carefree and get the “Prachao” shorts from the TOP TEN IFMA collection. With their short fit and design, the black pants comply with the regulations of the world association IFMA (International Federation of Amateur Muaythai) and ensure your stylish appearance in the ring. The “Prachao” shorts fit perfectly with the wide comfort waistband and can be individually adjusted to you if necessary, using the internal drawstring. In addition to the well-known TOP TEN Company emblem, the IFMA label should not be missing on the competition shorts. Like the night black, the IFMA motifs are sublimated directly into the functional fabric. The Muay Thai lettering on the front is a high-quality embroidery that gives your “Prachao” competition shorts a classy finish.

    Additional advantages:

    • IFMA competition shorts
    • comfort waistband with drawstring
    • lightweight, functional fabric
    • side cuts for maximum freedom of movement
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  • Head Guard made of genuine leather



    Other advantages:

    security system tested at the TU Berlin

    genuine leather cover

    skin-friendly lining

    adjustable hook and loop system


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  • Karate-Gi “Bunkai 2.0” (WKF approved)


    Here you will meet the popular Karate-Gi classic Bunkai in the 2.0 version. The highlight of the Hayashi Kata-Gi collection is now even more optimally tailored to your needs in sports, thanks to slight changes. The natural strengths of cotton are balanced with the functional properties of synthetic fibers. In “Bunkai 2.0,” you can also feel the power of the material on your skin, with which you bring the typical “snap effect” to the mat. Classic specifications, such as the lacing on the jacket and trousers, are also retained in the “Bunkai 2.0” version. With much freedom of movement, the snow-white Karate-Gi in Japanese cut supports you in executing your forms. High-quality embroidery work in the chest and shoulder area stylishly rounds off the overall concept of the WKF-approved Karate-Gi “Bunkai 2.0”.

    Additional advantages:

    • blended fabrics
    • high consistency
    • worked robustly
    • optional glossy embroidery in white/red/blue
    • WKF approved
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  • T-Shirt, V-Neck for kickboxing “Prism”


    Really uncomplicated, the TOP TEN “Prism” kickboxing jacket. The shirt is a timeless companion of your sports career with its offset V-neck neckline and the contrasting woven ribbon. Like the colors, the graphic print has been evaporated into the light polyester fabric in an environmentally friendly manner and impresses its high brilliance and resistance. Thanks to the use of airy mesh strips in the arm and armpit area, the temperature management in the “Prism” remains balanced at all times. Extra flat seams and reinforced hem edges give the regular fit shirt an elegant drape, despite the smooth fabric. The first-class quality of the “Prism” kickboxing jacket supports you in performing your sport and guarantees unique comfort even at the limit of stress.

    Additional advantages:

    • extra soft V-neck neckline
    • stylish woven ribbon
    • environmentally friendly sublimation printing
    • perfect climate management
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  • Kickboxing pants “Prism”


    Brings together what belongs together. The long “Prism” kickboxing pants by TOP TEN combine comfortable casualness with the demands on functional sportswear. There is also an incomparable style with a graphic “Prism” print and a woven TOP TEN structure. The straight cut of the pants has an extra kick insert in the crotch so that the “Prism” can withstand extreme loads. The mesh inserts in the inner leg area and on the back waistband ensure great wearing comfort. A special dividing seam sets a visual accent and guarantees a comfortable fit on the leg without twisting or sliding up. The finishing touches for an athletic look are brought to the “Prism” kickboxing pants by the woven tape on the outer seam.

    Additional advantages:

    • elastic waistband
    • movement-friendly cut
    • extra kick insert
    • optimized air conditioning technology
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  • Cup, jockstrap “Mesh”


    TOP TEN,

    Additional advantages:

    • interchangeable cup
    • soft microfibre fabric
    • kind to the skin
    • easy care


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  • Karate Gi “Air Deluxe”, with shoulder embroidery in red



    Additional advantages

    • sporty fit
    • optimal air circulation
    • functional fabric with mesh
    • WKF approved


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  • Shin Guard “WAKO Style”


    To reconcile robustness and shock-absorbing effects was the goal in the production of the new shin guard according to the latest competition rules of the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations. The tibia is one of the most sensitive parts of the body because it sits directly under the skin and is not surrounded by protective muscles. Especially in kickboxing, where kicks belong to the repertoire by default, a well-fitting shin guard is essential and is part of the equipment. Due to the slight shaping of the protectors, Top Ten achieves a good circulation in order to spread the impact energy across the surface. The wide and strong hook and loop fastener straps and the stocking on the fibula, provide the necessary support and prevent inflammation and abrasion, which can cause inferior products, from the beginning.

    Additional advantages:

    • easy
    • high damping property
    • easy to create
    • durable
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  • T-Shirt, V-Neck for kickboxing “Mesh”


    More variety is no longer possible. TOP TEN has the popular “Mesh” shirt in 13 trendy color combinations on offer – so you will find what suits you. The wide fit of the shirt gives you full freedom of movement and the wide mesh inserts let the air circulate freely under the clothes. In addition to sweat reduction, this also gives you a skin-friendly wearing experience. With flat seams and a soft neckline, the TOP TEN “Mesh” is a real feel-good part. Despite its lightness, the functional MP polyester of the shirt is extremely durable and gives the outfit that certain something with a slight sheen. Color contrasts and the TOP TEN label print give the “Mesh” its sporty look.

    Other advantages:

    • lightweight MP polyester
    • woven TOP TEN structure
    • Mesh inserts for ventilation
    • 13 color options to choose from
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  • Karate-Gi “Premium Kumite”


    Hayashi, – high quality HAYASHI embroidery on the shoulder
    – POLYMESH use under the arm
    – stable shape – even after washing
    – 100 % Polyester>

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  • Karate fist protector “TSUKI” (WKF approved)


    Specially designed, taking into account karate techniques and WKF regulations, Hayashi has hit the bull’s eye with the “TSUKI” fist guards. The slightly preformed protectors cover the front fist and the back of the fist and provide your hands in training as well as in competition the perfect protection. This leaves enough space and disability in your movements by the “TSUKI” Karate mitts is excluded. Using elastic loops, the fingers are guided close to the protector. Contrary to classic boxing gloves, the “TSUKI” have no thumb, have an open palm and are much lighter and more flexible. A stretch tape with hook and loop closure keeps the TSUKI securely in place.

    Additional advantages:

    • preformed foam
    • robust artificial leather surface
    • Stretch-Loops
    • WKF approved
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  • Karate belt


    The Karate belts of Hayashi are characterized by their absolutely convincing nature. They are made of 100% cotton and therefore promise a long life. Cotton is a purely natural product and probably the oldest cultivated plant in the world. Almost 1/3 of all textiles today consist of this raw material. The individual fabric layers are sewn together several times, which qualifies the belt as a strong opponent against tugging and pulling. Nothing slips and your suit stays securely locked where it belongs. The belts are available in all Kyu level colors and are abrasion resistant. Since the belts do not come into direct physical contact, washing is not necessary. If you need it or want it, please treat your belt as a hand wash. By the way, a hand wash is also an insider tip to make your belt smoother in the beginning.

    Additional advantages:

    • many Lengths
    • all colors of Kyu levels
    • sewn multiple times
    • easy to tie
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  • Slippers “Budolettes”


    Do you need a real refreshment after training? Then nothing like in the TOP TEN Budolettes and take a shower with you. The cool bathing sandals from TOP TEN stand on everything where it is wet and are therefore perfectly suitable for use as shower slippers after training, in the sauna, in the swimming pool or indoor pool, and of course on the beach. The high-quality synthetic quality of the budolette guarantees you a durable and easy-care shoe. The pre-shaped footbed and a wide strap ensure a comfortable walking experience. The non-slip sole has small knobs for additional cushioning so that you can cover a longer distance comfortably in the budolettes. A visual highlight, in addition to the numerous color variations, is the embossed TOP TEN logo on the one-piece belt.

    Additional advantages:

    • light bathing and leisure mules
    • preformed footbed
    • non-slip outsole
    • sporty TOP TEN design
    The shoes are a bit smaller due to production. If you rather fit into your usual shoe size, you should order a bigger size.
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  • Open Hands “Glossy Block ITF”


    If you really want to score points with the Taekwon-Do, then you are well-advised with the Open Hands Gloves “Glossy Block ITF”. The series goes back to the well-known Pointfighter series from the kickboxing area and has been innovatively upgraded with sophisticated details to meet the requirements of Taekwondo. Particularly striking is the circa 2 cm thick ring around the wrist. This robs your impact of the power, effectively protecting your wrist from serious injury. The gloves “ITF Glossy Block” are molded from proven PPS foam in one piece and are already produced with an anatomically perfect pre-curvature of the fingers. Automatically, your hands will take the optimal position and you can dynamically distribute your power over the glove. A rubber band, as well as the extra strong and rounded hook and loop fastener, ensure a firm hold. The unmistakable imitation leather gloss of the “Glossy Block ITF” does not just make the prints shine.

    Other advantages:

    • animal-friendly artificial leather
    • Inner lining made of ASL Antislip material
    • PPS foam
    • excellent damping properties
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  • Kickboxing pants “Mesh”


    TOP TEN, TOP TEN MESH Kids Kickboxing Pants made of light polyamid material. Stripes on pants are made of a strong net mesh material that allows air flow which keeps the body cool during action>

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