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  • Karate-Gi Set “Air Deluxe Competition” (WKF approved)


    National and international WKF tournaments are on your schedule? Then the Hayashi Karate Gi Set “Air Deluxe Competition”should not be missing from your sports bag. With the WKF regulation changes for January 2023, you need a Karategi with a red and blue embroidered jacket for tournaments in the World Championships, Karate 1, Premier League, Series A, and the Youth League. The “Air Deluxe Competition” is available as a set with one pair of pants and two jackets as a faithful companion in competitions and convinces with the best properties of a textile lightweight. Its unique fabric structure makes the karate suit extraordinarily resilient and durable. Multiple mesh inserts support feel-good climate management so that you don’t run out of breath under full pressure. The flattened edges of the jacket have also prevailed in the “Air Deluxe Competition” Karate Gi set for an athletic look.

    Additional advantages:

    • Set of pants and two jackets
    • Hayashi shoulder stick 1x red; 1x blue
    • WKF approved label
    • lightweight, functional material
    • sporty cut
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  • Karate Shin and Instep Guard


    Protect yourself and your training partner with the sensational safety equipment from Hayashi. Wherever hard kicks are used, effective protection of shins and feet is absolutely necessary. Only well-protected, injury-free training is possible and the fun of sports guaranteed. The Hayashi Shin-and Instep Guard is a special set for effective karate training and sparring. The protectors meet high demands and are comfortable to wear due to their cut and fit. The shin guard is extra reinforced on the front and fits comfortably around the leg. The 2 soft and strong hook and loop closures ensure a secure fit. The foot protection also features a padding made of ultralight and highly compressed foam for added safety under the sturdy and abrasion-resistant synthetic leather cover.

    Additional advantages:

    • Set offer in blue or red
    • strong hook and loop fasteners
    • insensitive artificial leather
    • ultralight foam padding
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  • Cup, jockstrap (WKF approved) – Kids, white


    Hayashi TOP TEN Groin Guard, underwear model with frontal pocket made in mesh net, to insert the plastic cup, pocket with pressure closure. Plastic cup is included. Washable>

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  • Karate-Gi “KUMITE” (WKF approved)


    A light and cuddly karate suit made by Hayashi is the “Kumite” – Gi. Especially high feel-good character promises in this karate suit the moisture-conducting cotton blended fabric. The substance absorbs the moisture from the skin and quickly releases it to the ambient air. The functional material mix makes the karate suit easy to clean and lets it dry in no time. The classic cut and the fitpromise a unique wearing comfort. Due to the low weight, the karate suit Kumite lets you perform your movements and techniques fluently. With its soft brushed inside, the Gi increases the feel-good factor and does not leave even sensitive skin types in the lurch.

    Additional advantages:

    • mixed fabrics
    • light, soft structure
    • classic cut
    • pants with lacing + elastic waistband
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  • Karate Gi “Air Deluxe”, with shoulder embroidery in red



    Additional advantages

    • sporty fit
    • optimal air circulation
    • functional fabric with mesh
    • WKF approved


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  • Taekwon-Do Instructor Dobok “Premium Gold” (4th – 6th Dan) (ITF approved)


    In the Taekwon-Do Dan stages 4, 5 and 6, you have risen to the status of an instructor. With the Dobok “Premium Gold” from Top Ten, you get a Taekwon-Do suit of the highest class, which makes your performance immediately visible with its black stripes. Both the hem edges of the slip-on jacket, the shoulder arm seams and the outer side seams have these additional 4 cm wide black stripesembroidered. Our Diamond Flexz material provides a unique feel on the skin. The surface is smooth and has a light sheen, while the inside of the fabric is soft and handy. A special highlight is the mesh inserts. These are incorporated with flat seams in the shoulder area, under the armpits, in the hip area and the knees. The pants fit perfectly on the spot by the wide elastic waistband, which can be adjusted again with a shiny cord individually to your width. The special trouser cut provides enough room for maneuver. Here Top Ten has worked the extra step to allow even high kicks effortlessly.

    Additional advantages:

    • functional material
    • high quality embroidery
    • fast drying
    • ITF tested
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  • Taekwon-Do Instructor Dobok “Diamond” (4th – 6th Dan) (ITF approved)


    Your years of training have paid off. With the ascent to the “Instructor”, by gaining the 4th Dan, you can usually call yourself now also “Sabum” teacher. The Taekwon-Do Diamond suit will assist you 100% in your new tasks. It is made of a functional synthetic fiber fabric and in a classic cut. As a special mention, black stripes are sewn on the shoulder seams, the lower hem of the jacket and the outer side seams. This feature only features Taekwon-Do suits for Dan Stages 4 – 6. Optically, the otherwise white Dobok impresses with its striking fabric structure. Top Ten relies on the tried and tested honeycomb structure modeled after bees and achieves an optimal body sensation in the Dobok “Diamond”.

    Additional advantages:

    • classic slim fit cut
    • cool mesh inserts
    • elastic insert in the crotch area
    • high-quality embroidery work
    • delivery without belt
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  • Taekwon-Do Master Dobok “Premium Gold” (ITF approved)


    A master in Taekwon-Do is a Dan carrier (black belt) in levels 1-3. As a special distinction, your Taekwon-Do suit may now also have contrasting black hem edges on the jacket in addition to the black belt (Ty). Another highlight of the Top Ten Taekwon-Do Master Dobok is the special structure of the fabric. This ensures balanced moisture management and is quick drying. Also turned on “left” you will be surprised with how much sensitivity the Dobok “Premium Gold” is equipped. The abrasion-free flat seams and high-quality mesh inserts make the Taekwon-Do suit a real softie on your skin. Classic elements such as the cut and the length of the sleeves and trouser legs, as well as the embroidery on the chest and back, bring tradition and modernity into harmony. Of course, the Dobok meets the requirements of the ITF and may be worn as a competition suit.

    Additional advantages:

    • Diamond Flexz material
    • fast drying
    • very good ventilation through mesh inserts
    • seams in a glossy look
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  • Taekwond-Do Student Dobok “Diamond” (ITF approved)


    Get out of everyday life and into the Dobok. The Taekwon-Do suit “Diamond” takes you out of the hectic everyday life and lets you immerse yourself in the Korean martial art of Taekwon-Do. Top Ten, as a traditional martial arts brand, has launched a beginner-friendly model called “Diamond”, which can easily keep up with its wearer’s growing performance. The synthetic fiber fabric is light and pleasant on the skin and the abrasion-free flat seams provide optimal comfort. Due to the slightly elastic material and the classic cut, especially the specially crafted insert in the crotch of the pants ensures maximum freedom of movement. With its advantages, the Taekwon-Do suit has also convinced the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) and has earned the label, which is patched on the jacket. With the red top ten embroideries, the otherwise classic white Dobok is a real eye-catcher in dojang.

    Additional advantages:

    • cool mesh inserts
    • elastic crotch area
    • sweatproof
    • fast drying
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  • Taekwon-Do belt “ITF”


    No sooner have you started Taekwon-Do than your eyes will surely fall on the colorful belts of your sports colleagues. With the colored “ITF” cotton belts, you hold the jacket of your Doboks together and show your level of knowledge in a very uncomplicated way. Your skills increase from bright colors like white and yellow to red, green, blue, and brown to the black belt. However, this is reserved for the master’s degrees – students, on the other hand, wear the colorful “ITF” Budo belts. The typical ITF label makes the “ITF” budget belt suitable for competitions so that you can measure yourself at every level of ability.

    Additional advantages:

    • 40 mm wide, dimensionally stable cotton
    • stitched several times
    • high color brilliance
    • washable
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  • Karate-Gi “Katamori” (WKF approved)


    Hayashi, We have developed the HAYASHI competition gi Katamori exclusively for the high demands of the professional kata athlete. The result is a synthesis of visible dynamics, generous freedom of movement and fascinating material strength.>

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  • Karate fist protector “TSUKI” (WKF approved)


    Specially designed, taking into account karate techniques and WKF regulations, Hayashi has hit the bull’s eye with the “TSUKI” fist guards. The slightly preformed protectors cover the front fist and the back of the fist and provide your hands in training as well as in competition the perfect protection. This leaves enough space and disability in your movements by the “TSUKI” Karate mitts is excluded. Using elastic loops, the fingers are guided close to the protector. Contrary to classic boxing gloves, the “TSUKI” have no thumb, have an open palm and are much lighter and more flexible. A stretch tape with hook and loop closure keeps the TSUKI securely in place.

    Additional advantages:

    • preformed foam
    • robust artificial leather surface
    • Stretch-Loops
    • WKF approved
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  • Karate fist protector “Tsuki” for training


    The various karate punching techniques Tsuki can be trained with the Hayashi “Tsuki” every day. The sturdy fist protector made of imitation leather is processed particularly high quality and therefore promises a long life, even under the toughest conditions. For optimum protection, the padding is made from an already preformed foam inner part. Your hands are perfectly protected in the curvature and elastic straps make sure your fingers are always safely guided. The inner cotton cover ensures a comfortable fit. About the strong hook and loop fastener, the “Tsuki” can be adjusted individually. Hayashi provides you the model in the colors red and blue in the size range of XS – L.

    Other advantages:

    • preformed padding
    • high protection performance
    • inner lining cotton
    • strong hook and loop fastener
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  • Karate belt two-tone


    Hayashi, HAYASHI Martial Arts belt bi-coloured, 100% cotton made width 40 mm
    Available sizes: 220, 240, 260, 280, 300 and 330 mm
    Available in six different color variations.>

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  • Karate belt


    The Karate belts of Hayashi are characterized by their absolutely convincing nature. They are made of 100% cotton and therefore promise a long life. Cotton is a purely natural product and probably the oldest cultivated plant in the world. Almost 1/3 of all textiles today consist of this raw material. The individual fabric layers are sewn together several times, which qualifies the belt as a strong opponent against tugging and pulling. Nothing slips and your suit stays securely locked where it belongs. The belts are available in all Kyu level colors and are abrasion resistant. Since the belts do not come into direct physical contact, washing is not necessary. If you need it or want it, please treat your belt as a hand wash. By the way, a hand wash is also an insider tip to make your belt smoother in the beginning.

    Additional advantages:

    • many Lengths
    • all colors of Kyu levels
    • sewn multiple times
    • easy to tie
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  • Taekwon-Do Master Dobok “Diamond” (ITF approved)


    Everything was different in the beginning. The delimitation of the individual performance levels by colors is an import product of judo. At the beginning of the Taekwondo one used at first only the colors of the Korean flag, white, blue, red and black for the belts. Even the Taekwon-Do suit “Diamond” now displays your master stand with the black lower hem edges of the jacket. Likewise, the embroidery work subtly enhances the Taekwon-Do suit without losing the basic idea of the purity of white. The premium fabric made from functional fibers guarantees the ambitious Taekwondoin a perfect body climate. In support of this, Top Ten has incorporated mesh inserts in areas of the Dobok that are particularly exposed to sweat. The seams are extra flat and thus offer no friction surface, which will be particularly sensitive skin types. The typical Korean-style slim-fit cut makes the “Diamond” shine in terms of fit.

    Further advantages:

    • high-quality embroidery work
    • cool mesh inserts
    • perfect moisture management
    • elastic insert in the crotch area
    • ITF approved
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  • Karate belt


    Hayashi, Martial Arts HAYASHI belt plain. Available sizes: 220, 240, 260, 280, 300 and 330 cm
    Available colours: brown (width 40 mm) & black (width 50 mm) 100% cotton made>

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