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  • Shin Guard


    Easy to use and yet of the greatest ingenuity – the shin guard from Manus. With its shape, the protector lies snugly around the tibia and covers the side flanks as well as the front. Two elastic and extremely strong hook and loop fasteners give you the opportunity to customize the protective equipment individually to your body measurements and preferences. With an extensive length selection: XS = 26 cm; S = 28 cm; M = 30 cm; L = 32 cm, the Manus Shin Guard can precisely protect the sensitive shin area. The internal multi-layer foam ensures high impact absorption. A sturdy case made of PU synthetic leather makes the shin protection insensitive to external influences.

    Additional advantages:

    • sporty Manus decor
    • insensitive artificial leather
    • multilayer foam
    • strong, elastic straps
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  • Boxing Gloves “2colour” – 10 oz, white-green



    Other advantages:

    fixed thumb

    IMF cushioning system

    high-quality synthetic leather cover

    coherent design concept


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  • Boxing Gloves “Kampfkatzen” – 4 oz, black



    Other advantages:

    strong cushioning system

    robust synthetic leather surface

    easy to clean

    simple hook and loop closure


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  • Tank Top for boxing “IBA”



    Additional advantages:

    Set already pre-assembled

    height adjustment

    pivot bearing + speedball

    150 cm diameter platform


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  • Shorts “IBA”



    Other advantages:

    attractive design

    very light material

    comfort waistband

    ventilation through cool mesh strips


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  • Ninja uniform “Kendo” with accessories – black, size 140 cm



    Additional advantages:

    complete set of jacket, pants, hood + gaiters

    sturdy cotton

    size range from 140 – 200 cm

    movement-friendly cut


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  • Belly Protector “Naa”


    The word “Naa” comes from Thai and means something like a front. The IFMA abdominal belt “Naa” is used precisely there: on the front of your stomach. With its cover made of robust artificial leather, the outside has a smooth surface, while the soft inner materialprotects the contact surface on the skin from irritation. With its reinforced impact zone and the additional side pads, the hit areas are doubly safeguarded on the one hand and are immediately visible on the other. Due to the rounded shape, the IFMA Belly “Naa” belly protection adapts to the body’s natural shape. TOP TEN ensures a firm hold with this training equipment with a wide and robust hook and loop fastener, which is closed on the back. The “Naa” belly pad in Muaythai is a valuable training tool with excellent protective properties.

    Additional advantages:

    • striking surface: imitation leather
    • double padding
    • skin-friendly inner lining
    • strong hook and loop fastener
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  • Karate-Gi “Kirin”


    For the freestylers and individualists among you, Hayashi has designed the karate Gi “Kirin”. This karate suit is not in classic white but comes in impulsive red or chic black. The colored Gi’s make something at public karate shows. Trainers of children’s courses and holiday camps are easier to spot in a colored Gi in the group and are recognized more quickly as contact persons. The sturdy cotton blended fabric allows karate training in the usual freedom of movement. On individual classic elements, such as the laces of the pants, was deliberately omitted. The length of the arms reach to the wrists, the pants to over the ankle. The lapels and finishes are sewn several times and give this Event Gi its stability and fit.

    Additional advantages:

    • rich, strong colors
    • robust quality
    • Freestyle and event gi
    • skin-friendly mixed tissue
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  • Judo-Gi “Todai”


    Hayashi Judo Student Uniform, single weave, padded knees. 100%
    Cotton (approx.450 g).>

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  • Boxing gloves “wave”



    Additional advantages:

    • 4 weight sizes
    • Perforated palm
    • High-quality processed seams
    • Perfect fit


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  • Boxing Gloves “Fight”


    TOP TEN, This high class boxing glove with its new design in all technical details apart from the material of the palm is identical to the proven AIBA certified glove (# 2010), but is especially designed for use in kickboxing competitions, where it has been used worldwide for decades.>

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  • Pointfighter “Point Fighter”


    TOP TEN, The official open hand gloves of the WAKO – World Association of Kickboxing Organizations at national and international levels in fighting sport.>

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  • Shin- and Instep Guard „Star Light“


    A festival of colors celebrates TOP TEN with the shin and instep guards “Star Light”. The typical TOP TEN Company Print is applied in expressive colors on the black, durable PU artificial leather surface. Due to their ergonomic shaping, the “Star Light” shin and instep guards underpin an exact foot position. With a low dead weight, you remain completely free to move despite the high protection of the protectors. Both components are firmly connected via a flexible protective lip. The degree of firmness of the upholstery is perceived as pleasant and goes in the matter of safety no compromises. For a tight fit on the leg, the “Star Light” shin guards with tension protection are closed by adhesive hook and loop strips. By turning over the hook and loop ends, they are hidden behind the calf. Besides, elastic stripes on heel and bale provide a non-slip grip.

    Other advantages:

    • durable synthetic leather cover
    • ergonomic shaping
    • strong hook and loop strips with turn over
    • brilliant color combinations
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  • Kickboxing shorts “WAKO Kickboxing”


    TOP TEN presents you with the Kickbox-shorts “WAKO Kickboxing”exclusive sports clothes for the WAKO European and World Championships in K1 and Lowkick. The cut of the shorts is turned down and offers you maximum mobility. Adapted to the Thai style, you will find cuts on the outer side seams, which provide even more legroom for high and lateral kicks. The polyester material of the shorts “WAKO Kickboxing” also makes a brilliant appearance. With its functional properties, you are guaranteed a comfortable fitin the short sports pants. But even outside the WAKO tournaments, you’ll look good in these shorts. Enjoy the athletic strengths of training, sparring or a full-bodied power workout to the fullest.

    Other advantages:

    • short sports pants in Thai style
    • 100% lightweight polyester
    • WAKO approved
    • pleasant wearing comfort
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  • Taekwon-Do Dobok “ITF KIDS”


    In the Taekwon-Do suit “ITF Kids” by Top Ten even small Taekwondoin from the age of 4 can show what they can do. Top Ten has deliberately set a high cotton content of 65% in the Kids series in order to be able to present a particularly skin-friendly suit. The synthetic fiber content increases the functionality and provides the necessary freedom of movement in the classic white Dobok. Especially kid-friendly makes the kids the loose fit, which makes a simple slip into it possible. A wide, soft and elastic waistbandensures that nothing slips, no matter how wild it gets. On the back of the jacket is a large Taekwon Do Comic print. The pants were made child-friendly by means of a colored Taekwon-Do lettering. Of course, the ITF Kids has been tested by the International Taekwon-Do Federation and has been awarded the corresponding label. The Dobok comes with a white hook and loop belt.

    Additional advantages:

    • official suit of the ITF KIDS series
    • skin-friendly due to high cotton content
    • comfortable cut
    • great print motifs
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  • Kickboxing pants “Mesh”


    TOP TEN, TOP TEN MESH Kids Kickboxing Pants made of light polyamid material. Stripes on pants are made of a strong net mesh material that allows air flow which keeps the body cool during action>

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  • Taekwon-Do belt “ITF” (with embroidery) “TAEKWON-DO”


    TOP TEN,

    Additional advantages:

    durable Budo belt made of 100% cotton

    noble embroidery

    4 lengths to choose from

    corresponds to the requirements of the ITF


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  • Kung Fu pants made of cotton


    Hayashi, HAYASHI BRUCE LEE Style Pants, 100% cotton made, elastic waistband and cuffs>

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  • Karate belt “KAMPFKATZEN”


    We understood what children want. They want to do it all, as do we big ones. Why not lay the foundation for the entry into a martial art? Particularly reserved and shy children thrive in the games and exercises in the context of sophisticated combat cat programs. Because, of course, the right outfit also belongs to every sport, Top Ten has specially developed for children from the preschool age, special Martial Arts belts in child-appropriate length and handling. The distinctive knot does not have to be painstakingly tied by the children themselves; a wide and sturdy hook and loop fastener holds the suit, also called Gi, wherever it belongs. The different colors are indicators of performance progress in training. The little ones like the big ones start from the bright colors to the dark ones.

    Additional advantages:

    • Robust processing
    • Strong stitching
    • cotton quality
    • hook and loop fastener
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