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  • MMA competition gloves “Competitor”


    Never forget – success is entirely in your hands. With the TOP TEN MMA competition gloves “Competitor” with a genuine leather cover, you wear real fighters on your hands. The gloves have an open palm, so you can access them unhindered. Thanks to the short fingers, you retain complete control over what’s happening in the octagon and can grab it anytime. The divided padding on the handhas strong absorbing powers and helps protect you and your opponent from serious injuries. The “Competitor” competition MMA gloves are equipped with a first-class double-hook and loop fastener for a good grip. The cuff closes tightly even when used frequently and stabilizes the sensitive wrist area.

    Additional advantages:

    • genuine leather cover
    • divided protection zones
    • open finger guidance
    • strong Double-hook and loop fastener
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  • Chest guard “Jot Muay”



    Additional advantages:

    robust artificial leather cover

    dimensionally stable padding

    size adjustable

    ergonomic shape

    IFMA certified for U23


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