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  • Tracksuit “ITF” – size 164 = 164 cm, white-black



    The black and white tracksuit “ITF” by TOP TEN is super simple and downright sporty. The two-piece is made entirely of breathable tricot material and is therefore your ideal basic for sports and leisure. While the white jacket convinces with an extra high collar and tight-fitting cuffs, the casual black trousers score with a white contrast stripe and side zips on the hem. So you can easily pull the “ITF” tracksuit over other clothes, such as a rash guard or shorts. Spacious pockets with plenty of space for the most important small items make the jogger suitable for everyday use. Subtle “ITF” print elements provide the finishing touch and leave no doubt about your sporting enthusiasm.

    Additional advantages:

    • lightweight fitness suit without lining
    • particularly easy to care for
    • quick-drying tricot material
    • comfortable cut


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  • Freestanding Bag “Tower” 179cm



    Other advantages:

    total height assembled approx. 179 cm

    base diameter of the stand base approx. 57 cm

    punching bag with synthetic leather cover

    high-cushioning foam core


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  • Karate-Gi “Legend”


    Hayashi First class karategi HAYASHI LEGEND made of top quality 14 oz woven and brushed 100% cotton. Top quality uniform>

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  • Karate-Gi “TENNO” (WKF approved)


    Hayashi Top karategi HAYASHI TENNO made of 12 oz middle-heavyweight woven and combed cotton, with fortified stitching (WKF approved).>

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  • Karate-Gi “KYOKUSHINKAI”


    Hayashi Karategi HAYASHI KYOKUSHINKAI manufactured for Fullcontact Karate. Made of 100% cotton.>

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  • Karate-Gi “KUMITE” (WKF approved)


    A light and cuddly karate suit made by Hayashi is the “Kumite” – Gi. Especially high feel-good character promises in this karate suit the moisture-conducting cotton blended fabric. The substance absorbs the moisture from the skin and quickly releases it to the ambient air. The functional material mix makes the karate suit easy to clean and lets it dry in no time. The classic cut and the fitpromise a unique wearing comfort. Due to the low weight, the karate suit Kumite lets you perform your movements and techniques fluently. With its soft brushed inside, the Gi increases the feel-good factor and does not leave even sensitive skin types in the lurch.

    Additional advantages:

    • mixed fabrics
    • light, soft structure
    • classic cut
    • pants with lacing + elastic waistband
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  • Karate-Gi “Kirin”


    For the freestylers and individualists among you, Hayashi has designed the karate Gi “Kirin”. This karate suit is not in classic white but comes in impulsive red or chic black. The colored Gi’s make something at public karate shows. Trainers of children’s courses and holiday camps are easier to spot in a colored Gi in the group and are recognized more quickly as contact persons. The sturdy cotton blended fabric allows karate training in the usual freedom of movement. On individual classic elements, such as the laces of the pants, was deliberately omitted. The length of the arms reach to the wrists, the pants to over the ankle. The lapels and finishes are sewn several times and give this Event Gi its stability and fit.

    Additional advantages:

    • rich, strong colors
    • robust quality
    • Freestyle and event gi
    • skin-friendly mixed tissue
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  • Karate-Gi “KINSA”


    Hayashi Karate gi Kinsa” is an inexpensive suit for students (Kyu)!>

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  • Karate-Gi “HEIAN”


    Hayashi Lightweight traditional Karategi with elastic waistband and hidden drawstring. Polyester/Cotton mix. White belt included. A tough economical uniform for beginners. Available in white only.>

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  • Judo-Gi “Osaka”


    Hayashi Judogi HAYASHI OSAKA Middleweight judogi with drawstring on pants. Made of 100% cotton. Colour: White, also available in Blue!>

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  • Judo-Gi “Kirin”


    Hayashi Single weave uniform, tapered sleeves, reinforced shoulders,
    armholes and lapels. Drawstring on waist of pants, padded
    knees and 100% cotton (approx. 550g/m). Elastic waistband on

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  • Judo-Gi “Todai”


    Hayashi Judo Student Uniform, single weave, padded knees. 100%
    Cotton (approx.450 g).>

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  • Taekwond-Do Dobok “Kyong” (ITF approved)


    From the very small ones (110 cm) to the big ones (200 cm), everyone in the Taekwon-Do suit “Kyong” can make it big. With its high-tech fibers of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, the Dobok is a true masterpiece from Top Ten. The colored patches give the simple and therefore classic Taekwon-Do suit a fresh look. The fit meets the high demands on mobility. Since it is particularly important to the leg and footwork at Taekwon-Do, we have paid special attention to details. The pants fit perfectly in the hip area through the soft, elastic waistband. The length is fully in line with expectations. In kicks with stretched legs, the fabric lays soft and covered even in dynamic movements of the leg.

    Additional advantages:

    • size selection
    • easy-care blended fabric
    • ITF print on the back of the jacket
    • jacket selectable with hook and loop fastener or as slip-on jacket
    • flat seams
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  • Kickboxing uniform “Future”


    TOP TEN, Modern, cool, trendy – just some of the attributes of the new TOP TEN kickboxing line. As expected from TOP TEN the fit is perfect and the quality Micro Super Soft” is second to none. 6 different color combinations.”>

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  • Taekwon-Do Instructor Dobok “Premium Gold” (4th – 6th Dan) (ITF approved)


    TOP TEN, This Dobok from the ITF Premium Gold Edition is a TKD highclass suit. Made of the specially developed Diamond Flexz” material (96% polyester and 4% elastane) it allows a tremendous freedom of movement but is also very comfy to wear.”>

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  • Taekwon-Do Instructor Dobok “Diamond” (4th – 6th Dan) (ITF approved)


    TOP TEN, An ITF Taekwondo suit of the absolute top class. This premium class suit is made of high-quality, functional fabrics. The new, very light-weight polyester cloth has an excellent wearing comfort.>

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  • Taekwon-Do Master Dobok “Premium Gold” (ITF approved)


    TOP TEN, This Dobok from the ITF Premium Gold Edition is a TKD highclass suit. Made of the specially developed Diamond Flexz material (96% polyester and 4% elastane) it allows a tremendous freedom of movement but is also very comfy to wear.>

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  • Taekwond-Do Master Dobok “Pattern” (ITF approved)


    TOP TEN, In close collaboration with top ITF athletes we have developed a uniform especially designed for patterns. For black belts 1st–3rd Dan.>

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  • Taekwond-Do Student Dobok “Diamond” (ITF approved)


    TOP TEN, An ITF Taekwondo suit of the absolute top class. This premium class suit is made of high-quality, functional fabrics. The new, very light-weight polyester cloth has an excellent wearing comfort.>

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  • Taekwond-Do Dobok “De-Luxe” (ITF approved)


    TOP TEN, TOP TEN DELUXE ITF model Taekwon Do Dobok. Special material has stamped design on the outside. Includes embroidered TOP TEN patch and ITF Taekwon-Do logo. Made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester.>

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  • Tracksuit “Premium Quality” with blue pants


    TOP TEN,

    Whether for warming up before sport or as a quick heat store afterward, the TOP TEN tracksuit “Premium Quality” is always well received. The airy, lightly cut suit consists of a high-closing zip jacket and comfortable, long trousers. The bright blue is the leading player in the design of the “Premium Quality” and is continued on the pants on the white top. The colored TOP TEN logo print gives the duo its sporty title and leaves no doubt about functionality and quality. The easy-care properties of the material made of Dobby Dryfit and Micro Dryfit polyester round off the overall concept of “Premium Quality.”

    Additional advantages:

      • airy cut
      • high-quality plastic fibers
      • Elements and logo in a contrasting color
      • breathable functional quality


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  • Tracksuit for Kids


    TOP TEN,

    The design of the sporty double is unique. The TOP TEN tracksuit convinces with ergonomic seams, and with its peppy print elements and contrast piping in its 4 color variants provides an unmistakable look. Not only can the zip jacket and long trousers be seen together, but also individually combined with other basics of your sports wardrobe, the comfortable quality leaves nothing to be desired. With a successful mix of Dobby Dryfit and Micro Dryfit polyester, the functional construction of the fabric leads to temperature-regulating properties. In the practical pockets, you can stow everything important to you on the go so that you can go to the gym very relaxed.

    Additional advantages:

    • material mix of Dobby Dryfit and Micro Dryfit
    • 4 color combinations to choose from
    • ergonomic seams
    • Zipper with chin protection


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  • Kickboxing shorts “WAKO Kickboxing”


    TOP TEN presents you with the Kickbox-shorts “WAKO Kickboxing”exclusive sports clothes for the WAKO European and World Championships in K1 and Lowkick. The cut of the shorts is turned down and offers you maximum mobility. Adapted to the Thai style, you will find cuts on the outer side seams, which provide even more legroom for high and lateral kicks. The polyester material of the shorts “WAKO Kickboxing” also makes a brilliant appearance. With its functional properties, you are guaranteed a comfortable fitin the short sports pants. But even outside the WAKO tournaments, you’ll look good in these shorts. Enjoy the athletic strengths of training, sparring or a full-bodied power workout to the fullest.

    Other advantages:

    • short sports pants in Thai style
    • 100% lightweight polyester
    • WAKO approved
    • pleasant wearing comfort
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  • Kickboxing pants “Stripes”


    TOP TEN,

    With the “Stripes” kickboxing pants from TOP TEN, you are guaranteed a cool appearance. The extremely light functional fabric made of resistant MP polyester fibers impresses with its cooling properties, even during hot training sessions. The “Stripes” sports pants can be perfectly adapted to your figure via the comfortable elastic waistband with drawstring and hold securely in place. The straight cut is optically enhanced by the color-contrasting block stripes and makes the trousers look very dynamic. To meet your sport’s requirements 100%, TOP TEN has equipped the “Stripes” with a wide crotch area. So nothing tears or pinches in these pants, even with high kicks and fast turns.

    Other advantages:

    • resistant functional fibers
    • woven TOP TEN fabric structure
    • elastic waistband
    • comfortable crotch area


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